Garlic Mods

୨୧ Commission Status: CLOSED୨୧ DMs on Twitter: OPEN

Commission Info

My commissions are currently CLOSED.Here is what I offer!

Vanilla Upscale$35 USD
Upscale/Downscale$40 USD
Hair Mashups$35 USD
Ports - Weapons$20 USD
Ports - Gear$60 USD
Ports - Minions$30 USD
Ports - Mounts*$50-$100 USD
Tattoos with PNGs$40 USD
Tattoos (Custom)**$50-$90 USD

*Price varies on complexity of port and the minion/mount requested**Custom tattoos are hand drawn on an iPad using procreate

Terms of Use

1. You can upscale, downscale, colourset edit, etc etc any of my mods unless specified otherwise. Just please credit me.

2. Please do not resell my work as your own.

3. Most of my work will eventually be released for free, so if you use any of my assets or mods that are paid. Please release them as free edits when the mod is available for free

4. If you have any questions please reach out to me on Twitter or Discord!

Contact me

If you would like to contact me, you can reach me on Twitter or on Discord.

Discord - Loonuh#0958
Twitter - @Garlic_Kitty